What comes to mind for you when you think of artificial flowers? Is it a beautiful bouquet that enhances any room it graces? An arrangement that you have to touch to find out it’s not real? If not, you’re in for a treat. Quality fake flowers can even fool a master gardener – you’ll see them touching our faux flowers when no one is looking, just to see if they’re real or not!

At fakefence.com we specialize in high quality beautiful artificial flowers and artificial floral arrangements.


Don’t be misled because they’re called fake flowers or faux flowers– our flowers are beautiful, long-lasting and designed to look elegant in any surrounding. Flowers add a classy touch to any environment and best of all; our flowers don’t need replacing every few days. Flowers brighten up a room and just make you feel good – good quality fake flowers last a long time and enable you to choose the colors and styles that will enhance your décor – the colors don’t fade and what you want is always available – no matter the season.


The value is fantastic and the look is elegant. Artificial flower arrangements are more popular than you might realize – take a close look and you’ll start seeing them everywhere you go!

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